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Shaking hands with John Wooden

If you live awhile, you'll encounter some famous people

We stood in a long line stretching from the front row, down the center aisle and into the ...

The new CEO

Our hospitals have a new man in charge,
and he has a chance to be a local hero
Sage West Healthcare has a new chief executive officer in Fremont County. Alan ...

Try, try again

It's back to the drawing board on hiring a new city administrator

The re-start on the hiring process for Riverton's next city administrator is an ...

Big plant, brave volunteer So far, they seem to be co-existing peacefully

I have a large begonia sitting on a table in my living room. His name is Mittens.
He is a beefsteak begonia, meaning that his large, rounded leaves are ...

Fox's right arm

For the channel to fire Bill O'Reilly, the irascible host must have afforded no choice

Even after 20 years on the job, Bill O'Reilly remained just ...

Owing to a school custodian To this day, I still find my poetry break

The question burst out of my son not too long ago: "What on EARTH makes a person become a writer anyway?"
I chuckled and shrugged off his verbal excess, ...

Celebrator of the grotesque

Would Steve Stephens have shot Robert Godwin if he couldn't have posted it online?

Steve Stephens was having girlfriend problems. He'd had an ...

Tuesday notes

Sunny Easter
Mother Nature came through for the holiday weekend, delivering a suitably Easter-esque dayon Sunday. Many holidays have a strong weather ...

Weather memories strong links to past

A sense of belonging often accompanies the arrival of a storm.

It's a quagmire out there. The kind of conditions you read about in the trenches ...

Day and date

No holiday varies on the calendar more than Easter

Many holidays have a set spot on the calendar: Dec. 25. July 4. Feb 14.
Others that don't have a ...

It's cap and grilled-meat season

Others might refer to it as something else, of course

In Iowa, as in the Rockies, it's been a long, cold winter of dreariness and regret. Spring has ...

School jobs

This first round of cuts has been tough, but a second round would be agonizing
Bad news never lands softly.
This week, Fremont County School ...

Menu depends a lot on weather

But no recipe calls for a shower of powdered chocolate

Was it dark chocolate or light?
How would I know? I couldn't see through it.
It was a recent ...

Lee Martinez

Beyond his admirable city council record, he was Riverton's top Hispanic public official

The institutional losses keep piling up for the City of ...

Forever smudged

Neil Gorsuch is well-qualified for the Supreme Court, but how he got there will be his burden

The Supreme Court is back at full strength again. Neil ...

Tuesday notes

Easy does it
Heading into the middle third of April, snowpack in the Wind River Mountains remains at about 200 percent of average. Sunday's busy little ...

A wood pile's healing power

It was discovered at our house during March Madness

My husband and I recently purchased 1.62 cords of wood.
We rented a UHaul van, drove it to the ...

County funds in the market

Let's watch the state's voter-approved investment plan with an eye toward our own

For the first time in history, some of Wyoming's long-term ...

Our new ' smart car ' seems a bit

Do all these whiz-bang improvements really make driving safer?

We leased a 2017 Subaru Forester on our trip to Pittsburgh last week. I'd never ...


Fremont County has lost population recently, but the demographics are in place for a rebound

In an effort to avoid using an exhausted cliche, the ...


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