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Legislature overspent on schools, now talking about big reductions

The legislators are talking about cutting money for schools. They should never have spent so much on it 10 years ago, and there would be more money ...

Crews worked long, cold hours to restore lost electric power

I heard quite a bit of complaining about the electric power company when many of us were out of power Saturday night and Sunday.
Well, you won't hear ...

Keep public education 'No. 1 top priority' amid fiscal crisis

All the money coming out of state budgets due to the energy downturn is starting to effect our schools. In my opinion this must be the No. 1 top ...

'Wish there were more installments' of series on heart attack and surgery

I loved reading Steve Peck's account of his heart attack and surgery. I wish there were more installments. So informative and funny.
I appreciate ...

Trump nominee for Secretary of Interior is an alarming one

President-elect Donald Trump's nomination of Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, who has pushed for the sell-off of public lands owned by all ...

Columns about heart attack funny and informative

I, my daughter and my 98-year-old mother want to thank Steve Peck for sharing his heart attack and triple bypass surgery with readers. His account was ...

New BLM rule on methane a duplicate of state regulations

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has announced finalization of the Bureau of Land Management's new rule on methane venting and flaring. The ...

Let public engage in Red Desert plan

The Red Desert is home to many Wyoming treasures including desert elk, one of the largest living sand dune systems in the U.S., and the Boar's Tusk. ...

The sooner state faces coal reality, the better off it will be

At least now we have something to do with the rainy-day fund, and some people may need orange jum suits.
It just seemed like a big hole in the ...

The Electoral College still serves its intended purpose

We the people of the United States (dictionary definition of STATE - an area forming part of a federal country such as the United States or Australia ...

Local columnists are appreciated

Let me add my words to those congratulating Betty Case on 30 years of writing columns for The Ranger. I appreciate the different opinions in the paper ...

Season, economy good reasons to find ways to help this year

This is to encourage everyone to contribute to one of the organizations this holiday season that is helping the less fortunate. The public "safety ...

Community showing generosity in supporting Eagles Hope effort

I saw the picture on Dec. 11 of Mr. Kusel unloading mattresses for Eagles Hope. The mattresses were donated by Serta, and Mr. Kusel donated the box ...

Glad for the Wyoming-BYU matchup in college bowl game

I am so glad Wyoming is playing BYU in the bowl game. It is not one of the big New Year bowls or the college championship playoffs, but it is a great ...

Will Trump be interested in any Wyoming issues?

I know Wyoming went big for Trump, but I do not think it is guaranteed that everything will be rosy for Wyoming under him. I have my doubts that he ...

Local feedback essential to UW strategic planning

Comments, observations and suggestions from the people of Wyoming are an essential element of the University of Wyoming strategic planning process. ...

An open letter to Wyoming's seniors and their loved ones

It has come to my attention that certain groups or entities have been using my name to try and get donations from seniors.
Some of these ...

Sale of Antelope Flats parcel marks a major breakthrough

Ensuring Wyoming school trust land generates revenue for education while continuing to maintain Grand Teton National Park has been a decades-long ...

Libraries, museums and public health are vital local services

Fremont County Commissioner Travis Becker, as stated in the Oct.25 Ranger, "snatched the cash reserves those departments were allowed to spend at ...

Accept it: Federal government no longer represents 'the people'

The republic is dead.
No longer does any branch of the federal government represent us, the people. We now live in a capitalist oligarchy. Mourn, ...


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