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Democracy in odd action at my Iowa caucus

On Monday, Feb. 1, I participated in a presidential caucus in Iowa City, Iowa. My caucus was attended by 646 voters, a record-setting number for the precinct ...

Adventures in ice sculpture

In my first try at the discipline, I suffered for my art

I approached Saturday's ice sculpting contest a true novice.
I started out by dropping the ...

The nest egg

A needs-based budget plan could be a path to tapping the reserves

Tempting all Wyoming legislators who must begin dealing next week with the ...

What Erma knew about love

She and I both saw it through prism of a large family

Valentine's Day is coming soon, you say?
You must realize after all these years that I've ...

Riveted and repulsed

And this is just week one of the presidential primaries

All the political media world is abuzz two days after the Iowa caucuses and their fascinating ...

Don Ricks

Pete Peters and I always waved when we met on the highway.
He would be in uniform at the wheel of his Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser. I would be pulling a ...

Tuesday notes

No shadow
Punxsutawney, Pa., is two time zones away from Wyoming. That must be why Punxsutawney Phil, the famous weather-forecasting groundhog, is ...

Sparing education

The governor makes a good case for protecting K-12 funding, even in down times

Rare is the year when the primary budget makers from the Wyoming ...

Not everything is a nail, is it?

But in this country, the hammer is the tool of choice.

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, it's tempting to treat everything like a nail." ...

Quoted in the news

The story could have been totally different, and we are all very thankful it turned out the way it did.
-- Boysen State Park statement, after a vehicle broke ...

Newspaper awards

Our newspapers took 21 this year

Late January brings the results of the annual Wyoming Press Association awards contest, and The Ranger and its ...

My two years of twinning

The kind of friendship the twins themselves share is, among us singletons, about as rare as seeing a unicorn in a tractor store.

My twin boys turned ...

Since Challenger

We rebuilt and resumed after the disaster, a good lesson to remember 30 years later

Eight decades past, when hydrogen-filled dirigibles were a ...

Saved siren

Riverton's longtime alert signal will be moved but preserved

The fire whistle on top of the old Riverton City Hall didn't occupy the thoughts of most ...

Tuesday notes

Another small batch of snow was applied to January's white blanket Sunday night, adding to the sense of an "old-school" winter. Longer-term Fremont County ...

Nine decades of well-lived life

That was Pauline Leonhardt.

It's a scene that becomes all too familiar as we grow older. A family gathers together to mourn the passing of the final ...

More EMS reflection

County isn't sold yet on ambulance changes
If there was a single, overriding theme that came out of the town-hall meeting at the Fremont County Courthouse ...

Recreation progress

Skating success at old stadium brings outdoor hockey games to mind

Riverton is making some positive moves toward improving public recreation ...

Don't ask why, but cats like me

OK, I guess I like them pretty well, too

I'm a cat person. From a young age, my odd smell and opposable thumbs have drawn cats to me like I was some ...

Staying balanced in hard times

A lesson could be forthcoming for all of us
Do the subjects of money and politics sound "boring-boring" to you?
I don't pretend or wish to be a ...


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