Illoway most experienced, most ready to be Secretary of State

Aug 18, 2014 Mark O. Harris, St. Stephen’s


There are a number of races that most likely will be decided in the upcoming primary.

While l have not involved myself in Republican primary races in the past, some of these races are critical to the future of Wyoming, and l believe their importance requires that l speak out.

One of those races is for the of@257;ce of Secretary of State. l encourage you to vote for Pete llloway.

I have worked with Pete as a fellow legislator and as a lobbyist. It will come as no surprise to those of you who know Pete and me that we have not always agreed on issues, but those disagreements are one of the main reasons l support Pete.

Good governance does not require that we all agree, it does require that when we disagree we do so with integrity and in a civil manner. lt requires that we actually discuss issues, not just mouth party dogma and worn-out sound bites.

In working with Pete, l found him willing to discuss issues, search for solutions and attempt to solve problems.

Pete also, without a doubt, is the most experienced and quali@257;ed candidate for Secretary of State. His service in the Wyoming Legislature not only shows he has proven leadership skills, but his tenure as chairman of the House Corporations Committee has provided him with an in-depth understanding of all the responsibilities of the Secretary of State. One of those responsibilities is to assume the of@257;ce of governor, should that office become vacant. ls the candidate you support someone who could step into that role? l am confident that Pete could. Pete llloway has the ability, experience, knowledge and skill that make him the best choice for Wyoming. Please give him your vote and support.

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