Superintendent at Arapahoe out immediately

Apr 2, 2015 From staff reports

Fremont County School District 38 curriculum director Kenneth Crowson has been asked to step in as the interim superintendent for the Arapahoe schools.

The district's board of trustees has not released a formal statement pertaining to the circumstances that led to the release of former superintendent Tim Stathis.

Crowson said the board members plan to provide details soon after they finalize information in future meetings.

The board held a special board meeting Tuesday to discuss the superintendent's contract.

Stathis was director of curriculum and instruction in Alaska before leaving to join the Arapahoe school district for the 2014-2015 school year. Before him, Chantell Denson was superintendent for one year before she resigned.

Stathis is the sixth superintendent to leave the district since 2007.

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