Funding to assist Arapahoe kids in District 25 doubling

Apr 3, 2015 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Riverton school board of trustees has approved an award of about $175,000 from Fremont County School District 38 for Riverton's Arapahoe Instruction Grant.

The amount is double what the Riverton school district has received in the past, said superintendent Terry Snyder.

"This is that 50 percent of the Impact Aid contract agreement we have with Arapahoe (school district)," Snyder said.

The money is used to provide support and services for American Indian students who attend Riverton High School but live on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Snyder said administrative staff will have meetings to discuss ways to provide additional support.

Enrollment rising

Business manager Michael Collins said the increase in funding is due to a boost in enrollment of American Indian students at RHS who live on the reservation and also a boost in federal funding.

"It's a combination of those things," Collins said.

The district was paying two tutors with the grant funding and Snyder said those costs were beginning to become a concern. With this new amount, however, there is a lesser concern, he said.

"We do want to make sure that we honor the fact that we get those funds and that we're going to use them properly to support students," he said.

Money follows student

Collins explained that although the money derives from the Impact Aid account, the grant funding is money that follows the student from school district to school district, and in Riverton it is counted as local revenue.

Snyder said District 25 plans to communicate to the Arapahoe school district how they will spend the funding.

Other funding

The board also accepted a donation of $15,000 from the Aspen Park Parent Teacher Organization for playground equipment and the installation of equipment at Aspen Park Elementary School. The equipment will cost about $13,000, and a grant of $8,000 was received from R Rec which will be applied toward the cost. The PTO will pay the balance of about $5,200.

The installation will cost $5,500, and the PTO will pay about $1,700 towards that cost. District general funds monies are available to help pay the reminder of the installation cost, but if PTO raises more money before the installation then general funds will no longer be needed.

"It's always nice to see our parents give a little extra," said board member Carl Manning, noting the generosity of local businesses as well as donations and fundraising.

Due to unused funds from the 2012-2013 Federal Consolidated Grant, Title I and VI B, the district received about $3,900 for Title I and about $400 from Title VI B. The board approved that recommendation.

Fremont County School District 25 Recreation Board awarded the C.A.N. Program approximately $1,950.

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