Airport name change sensible

Apr 19, 2015 Ron Warpness, Riverton


I read with interest the letter from April 5, "It's the service, not the name," by Mr. Mike Ward.

As I was instrumental in appointing the airport task force, and as this issue of changing the name of our airport is an outgrowth of that committee, I thought that I would add my thoughts to the conversation.

Mr. Ward is correct, the issue is not the name but how to get a large enough air carrier to our airport that can provide the level of reliable service that we all want and expect. The problem then becomes enticing such a carrier to come into this small market and provide this level of service.

It is my understanding that at this time it is going to cost something in the neighbor hood of a $2 million guarantee to one of the larger carriers before it will consider coming into this market. The next question, then, becomes who is going to pay this $2 million? The state is willing to help but not pay it all. The balance (close to a million) is going to have to be made up by Riverton, which does not have that kind of money, or someone else. Then comes down to the county and other municipalities saying "Why should we pay?" as it is "Riverton's airport," in spite of the fact that it is used by the entire county.

The reason for a name change is to spread the ownership and responsibility for this facility that we all use across the entire county. This sounds like a great idea to me and I would like to suggest that the new name be Central Wyoming Regional Air Service.

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