Fort Washakie school board honors hard work put in by staff, students

May 15, 2015 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

Fremont County School District 21 trustees recognized three students and two staff members during a board meeting April 15.

Fort Washakie superintendent Terry Ebert said the district is trying to do a better job of recognizing those who deserve recognition.

The district is honoring those who excel in areas such as perfect attendance, citizenship, attitude, character, school spirit and community service.


Jaysa Bell, Leonardean Standingrock and Diion Hereford were the three students recognized.

Teacher Brad Douglass said Bell works hard and participates often in class, according to a letter addressed to Bell.

"You always give your best effort and you keep a positive attitude," the letter read. "You are a great role model in class and you are nice to everyone."

In a letter addressed to Standingrock, teacher Whitney Sutt said Standingrock always makes the most effort of his time in class and arrives on time every day at school.

"During whole group instruction, you are constantly participating," the letter stated. "Mrs. Sutt knows that she can count on you to help your peers whether it involves school work or socially."

Hereford was recognized for his efforts in school and maintaining his honor roll status.

"You are here every day and work hard," his letter stated. "You have earned 176 AR points this year and you challenge yourself to improve each day."

Staff members

The two staff members recognized during the meeting were school nurse Alicen Hardy and security administrator Andy Vasquez.

Ebert described Hardy as being "among the best school nurses" he had worked with, according to a letter addressed to Hardy.

In a letter addressed to Vasquez, Ebert said Vasquez stays calm during tense situations and de-escalates problems.

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