Wyoming Catholic College resumes lecture series

Jun 26, 2015 From staff reports

For the second summer, professors from Wyoming Catholic College will be traveling throughout the state as part of the college's "Liberty Lecture Series."

"The lectures will focus on fundamental principles of our American government and current trends in political thought," a press release stated.

This year, the theme of the series is the First Amendment.

Lectures will be in Cheyenne, Casper, Jackson and Lander during June, July and August. The Lander lectures will be in the Carnegie Room at the Lander Library.

The lectures themselves will not be associated with a particular political party or agenda, but geared toward providing an academic analysis of topics and principles.

The events are free and open to the public.

On July 20, the lecturer will be Wyoming Catholic College professor Kyle Washut whose lecture is titled "Speaking as Friends: Freedom of Association as the Peak of the First Amendment and the Foundation of Civil Society."

On Aug. 6, Wyoming Catholic College humanities professor John Freeh will deliver a lecture titled, "'Speak what we feel not what we ought to say': Free Speech in Western Literature."

"From the (Health and Human Services) mandate to social engineering on marriage, the federal government has intruded upon the natural rights of its citizens. Will this situation worsen? How should citizens respond? This talk uses the lessons of the past to chart a path for the future," said Kevin Roberts, Wyoming Catholic College president.

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