'Unconscionable' act by gunman not reflective of city staff feelings

Jul 30, 2015 Ron Warpness, Riverton


It is with a heavy heart and feelings of trepidation that I am writing this letter on the recent shooting at the Center Of Hope. On such an emotionally charged issue the chance of my being misunderstood for whatever reason and purpose is very real.

As Riverton's former mayor, I cannot tell how very deeply this unconscionable action hurts us all. I can state with unquali@257;ed certainty that the despicable act of Mr. Clyde did not represent the feelings of the city staff, but is the outgrowth of a very disturbed mind.

We all lost much in this tragic act. I hope and pray that we grow stronger as a community and do not let this loss of life of one of our citizens be for nothing.

I agreed with and appreciated very much the eloquent statement by the Trosper family and the equally reasoned letter from the Northern Arapaho Tribe. I strongly agree that we must all work together to help heal this latest insult to our community and dig out its root causes. It was with that thought that I was heartened to see that Jean Harris and Ramsey Armajo were putting together a potluck luncheon Saturday at Riverton City Park as an effort "of pure love for our people and our community" to help with the healing process.

My wife, Helen, a Volunteers of America board member, and I attended and were warmly greeted to a good meal, good drumming and great conversation. However, I did not see any elected community or county leaders in attendance. The only city staff person that I saw was chief of police Mike Broadhead, doing his usual professional job of building bridges.

I will have to admit that I was very disappointed that our elected leaders chose not to participate in this well-intentioned and positive event. I have to ask myself, if this tragic event won't wake us up and help bring us together, what will it take?

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