Use Center of Hope tragedy for progress on real issues

Aug 11, 2015 Wayne Dick, Riverton


On July 18 an incident took place whereby three men will never again return to the lives they have known. One gave up that life voluntarily, another had his life taken from him, and a third has his life changed forever.

The result, as is so often when violence occurs, has been much energy expounded on anger, hate and accusations. Why don't all involved instead use that energy to focus on the problems highlighted by the incident? Alcoholism, homelessness, and misuse of public areas and facilities are all problems that stand out strong in all you hear or read about the incident.

Another thing that stands out is that the actual attack took place at a facility that is working toward a solution. However, many look only at the large rate of returns at what is known as the "detox center" and don't see the successes.

Much energy and resources seem to be focused on the fact that both Mr. Trosper and Mr. Goggles are American Indian and thus must be victims of a hate crime. The alleged shooter, Mr. Clyde, stated he was after "park rangers." I have observed and talked with many of these so-called park rangers many times and have found them to be more than 90 percent of American Indian descent. Therefore, if you were to pick two out of their rank for any reason, the chances are very probable they would be Indian.

lf help is asked from the feds, wouldn't it do more good to ask for help with the alcohol problems that have led most to be there in the first place?

These problems have been addressed in the past with little progress being made. Even the need for public restrooms was dismissed.

The city, county and tribes seem to be talking because of this tragedy. Please do not let the lives these men have given up be in vain or steeped in more anger. Work together to lessen the problems that were a part of this tragedy so that nothing like this will happen again.

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