Peace march was a success

Aug 16, 2015 Ron Howard, Riverton


I thank the community for coming out Aug. 8 to participate in the inaugural peace march. It was a rousing success, and those of us who helped to organize this event were overwhelmed with the turnout. There were more than 300 people from diverse cultural backgrounds in attendance and that was the exact goal we were trying to achieve. Thanks to Matt Wright for the sound, the Riverton Police Department for keeping us safe, Rori Hernandez and family, Legacy Moulding for your technical expertise and other assistance, Nancy Mahan and Rebecca LeBrun for your time and efforts, Andrea Watson and Angelica Jaure for the use of the coffee pots, Terri Hance for your generous donations, Ts to Please for making the shirts, and all those who wish to remain anonymous.

We also got private donations to help with our future events. Thanks to those individuals as well. I'm sure I've left some out, and for that I am sorry. There were a lot of people who stepped up for all the right reasons.

The peace march didn't come about only as a result of the shooting that occurred at the Center of Hope but for all of those who have experienced violence at the hands of another person. Nobody received any personal or political gain from this endeavor. It was for the community and the community only.

As for those who decided not to participate because of their own political misconceptions and misinformed opinions, I'm sorry you weren't there and I'm sorry you allowed those feelings to dictate your decision to stay away. It was a great experience, and you missed out. It would have been OK to contact me with questions regarding this issue rather than fly off the handle and assume that this event was politically motivated. There were actually several people who had the courtesy to do just that and discuss their concerns personally. For that, I am very grateful.

Prejudging dictated your absence and that's exactly what we were trying to quell. I don't mean that to sound nasty, but next time, instead of starting ugly rumors about something you're in the dark about, just ask someone who knows. This is the age of information, people. Inform yourselves. Go to the source if you can. The amount of support we received far outweighed the tiny bit of negativity that was thrown our way. We're going to keep marching until we no longer feel the need, so we hope to see you next year. Thanks again, and peace be with you.

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