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Tuesday notes

Sep 1, 2015 By Steven R. Peck

The craggy horizon

Nice to see the mountains again, isn't it? The experts say it's not because the big wildfires burning to the northwest of Wyoming have been extinguished, but, rather, that atmospheric conditions have changed enough that the smoke that had obscured the Wind River Range day after day drifted away.

Heaven forbid that anyone in the Wind River Basin would ever own up to taking the mountains for granted, but sometimes we might forget how great it is to have them in easy eye's view until we don't have that privilege for a week or two. Welcome back, Wind River Peak & Co. You were missed.

Holiday housekeeping

The offices of The Ranger, Ranger Printers and The Advertiser will be closed Monday in observance of Labor Day. The holiday will not affect our normal publication schedule. We will be open again as usual Tuesday.

Special projects

It's been a busy 90 days in terms of special editions for your daily newspaper staff. From the Fremont County Graduation Edition in late May, we've produced at least a half-dozen specials ranging from the 60th annual Mining and Energy Edition, to the two Fremont County Fair editions, to Sunday's Wind River Job Corps Edition.

Now there's another one coming Wednesday in the form of our annual Hunting and Fall Outdoors Edition. It's intended to provide a good preview of the fall hunting season and serve as a useful marketplace for goods and services available in Fremont County to the hunter, the angler and the outdoor-oriented family as a beautiful time of year arrives.

Enjoy these special editions, and please support the businesses that support your local newspaper.


For just the second time in modern memory, a vacated Fremont County Commission seat is being filled today through the appointment process. The decision was expected sometime Tuesday, with speculation tilting toward Andrea Clifford, who just last year was making a very respectable run for a different office in roughly the same voter district.

These words are being written early Tuesday, so it's still a guessing game. Fortunately, three high-quality finalists are in the field, so citizens can expect good representation.

Coincidentally, the Riverton City Council also has an opening to fill Tuesday due to the resignation of Jonathan Faubion.

Wolverines commemorated

Riverton High School hosted an excellent induction ceremony Saturday to launch the new RHS Hall of Fame. It provided a warm, entertaining mix of both currency and nostalgia as inductees, their descendants and many well-wishers assembled in the nicely decorated RHS commons area.

A well-rendered permanent display is now open as well, showcasing the initial class of honorees. Visitors to RHS will find the Hall of Fame to be a tasteful but unobtrusive addition.

Nominations will open soon for the second RHS Hall of Fame class. Continuity will be vital going forward as the fun and interesting new endeavor matures.

Wall Street roller coaster

Stocks were taking another beating Tuesday morning as a period of unsettling volatility continues on U.S. markets. Lots of retirement accounts are in play, and they are showing the damage of the steep plunges (with some gains as well).

It's been a bad week for stocks, and it might end up being a bad month. But many other economic indicators look strong, which doesn't foretell a stock market crash of lasting duration.

Russell watch

On a related note, the past two weeks have been the most interesting by far for our year-long investment experiment called Russell watch. In October, when the stock market suffered through a big drop-off, the naysayers proclaimed the end of the great bull market that had rolled along since 2009.

What would happen if someone invested $750 in a broad-market index fund such as the one based on the Russell 3000 Index?

Last week, for the first time, that $750 would have lost value. But by this week it had put its nose above water again. Had you put $750 into a Russell 3000 index fund Oct. 20 and left it untouched since then, as of Tuesday morning it would have been worth $750.41.

Ninth month

We have reached September, the last month that contains any bit of summer. It can frost this month, and it probably will. It can snow, but it probably won't. What it most certainly will do is darken, cool and dry our skies, our air and our landscape, even as it delivers less measurable but deeply meaningful signals to our minds and memories about the warm season passing and the cold one to come.

There's still some summer left. Embrace the dwindling season.

Here's to a good week.

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