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Tuesday notes

Oct 6, 2015 By Steven R. Peck

Finally fall

Our early fall weather finally started fitting the description in recent days after a dogged period of unseasonably hot weather for much of the first 10 days of the news season.

Even with the weekend's cooler, damper weather, however, the nighttime temperature has remained well above freezing. We haven't really come close to a killing frost yet. Things can change in a hurry here, but for the time being it looks as if we'll have garden flowers and tomatoes deep into October.


Riverton High School homecoming week looked to be a success from the outside looking in. Friday's parade was an annual highlight as always, as was the football game that night, with its accompanying events. The RHS marching band, still a couple of weeks away from its state competition, looked and sounded in top form already.


One last homecoming note, expressed by many people at Friday night's game. The homecoming royalty rides in lent convertibles for the Main Street parade, but at halftime they ride in all-terrain vehicles that conceal them from the audience. Is there a way the convertibles could be used instead? The kids, their smiles and their gowns can't be seen inside the ATVs. Perhaps the surface of the running track is not rated to carry the weight of a full automobile, but if there is some way to give the royalty a bit more visibility at halftime, the grandstand audience would approve heartily.

The ribbon is cut

The new Wind River Job Corps Center has been open for more than a month now, but its official ribbon-cutting ceremony didn't comeuntil Monday. The stone-backed amphitheater carved into the hillside proved a dramatic setting for the lively and interesting event. A pleasing difference from previous tours was the presence of the first crop of Job Corps students.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez was the final of several dignitaries to speak. Political affiliations side, it was easy to see why he has risen to the top ranks of our nation's government. He was an informative, dynamic and gracious speaker.

We plan to address a few more job corps-related topics in the days ahead, using this editorial space.

Russell watch

Fifty weeks into our 52-week investment experiment called Russell watch, the imaginary $750 investment made in the Russell 3000 Index is fighting to end the defined year at something other than a loss. It did have a better week last week than the one before, and all markets rallied strongly Monday. It's still possible that the Russell watch investment could break even by the time we check it for the final time in two weeks.

For the moment, had you actually invested $750 in October in an index fund geared to reflect only the daily rise or fall of the Russell 3000 average, as ofTuesday morning it would have been worth$734.84.

Our week

This is National Newspaper Week. We are not the the ones saying so. It has been a national observance for 75 years as of 2015. Watch this page all week long for National Newspaper Week content. We plan our annual "state of the newspaper" editorial this Sunday.

Here is a preview: What we do is important in our community, unmatched in our community, and irreplaceable in our community.

Second season

The major league baseball regular season is over, and the playoffs are beginning. It is one of the great times in our nation each year.

If, as many analysts and historians of the sport maintain, the World Series is won on the strength of strong pitching, then the two favorites to reach the "fall classic" ought to be the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets. That would be a series the television networks would love.

If your idea of a World Series champ is a team that can bash the ball and simply outscore its opponents as necessary, then the Toronto Blue Jays and the surging Texas Rangers could be the teams to watch.

For a feel-good story, look no further than the Chicago Cubs, who, under new manager Joe Maddon, have been transformed into one of baseball's best teams this year, with its very best pitcher, Jake Arietta.

And if you are a percentage person, then you might be expecting a rematch of the all-Missouri World Series of exactly 30 years ago between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals. This season those teams were the best, most-consistent winners from April through September. The Cards won 100 games, the Royals 95 -- the two best records in baseball.

We're always willing to make a prediction in print, so here we go: Blue Jays vs. Mets in the series, a fun matchup between fantastic pitching and fantastic kidding.

Here's to a good week.

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