County ambulance service talks continue with private helicopter firm

Oct 25, 2015 By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

There is no set timeline for the discussions or for when a decision on privatization of county services will be reached.

Negotiations with Guardian Flight to take over Fremont County Emergency Services are ongoing.

"It appears, in our view at least, that the talks are going well, but were still talking," Fremont County Commissioner Travis Becker said in an interview Oct. 21. "That's about all I can say, because we have no agreement yet."

Becker and Commissioner Larry Allen are representing the county in talks with the private air-ambulance company.

There is not a firm timeline for the discussions or for when a decision will be reached.

Becker does expect the public will have a chance to weigh in on the deal, if one is achieved, until after the rest of the commission is apprised of the situation.

"Once Commissioner Allen and (I) feel very confident with where we're at, we'll present it to the commissioners as a whole," Becker said. "That product will be out for public inspection."

He expects to have a comment period open for about 30 days to receive input from local residents, Becker said.

He did not know how long negotiations

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