Students see museum, petroglyphs

Nov 1, 2015 From staff reports

A Fort Washakie High School Wyoming history class recently toured the National Bighorn Sheep Center and Dubois Museum, whose staff members also took the students on a tour of local petroglyphs.

Gabe Joyes, their teacher, borrowed the museum's Tie Hack Industry Educational Resource Trunk for use in his classroom to prepare for a Tie Hack tour. The trunk is one of three that are available for teachers to use in their classrooms.

The class returned to Dubois on Sept. 23 and went with Dubois Museum staff members to tour the site of the headquarters of Wyoming Tie and Timber Co. in Dunoir.

The students also visited other remains from the Tie Hack industry. The remains included a head gate, flumes and cabins that were used for the tie drives that took place between 1914 and 1946.

"We are always excited to sharelocal historical sites with school groups and think itis an exceptional opportunity for students to learn history 'first hand,'" Dubois Museum curator Sally Wulbrecht said.

"We are happy that teachers like Mr. Joyes have been given the opportunity to include these tours in their curriculum."

The museum has other teacher trunks available, including ones on area geology and the Mountain Shoshone/Sheepeater.

For more information about tours or trunks, contact the museum at 455-2284, or

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