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Panels aim at improving functions in city schools

Jan 6, 2016 By Andrea Novotny, Staff Writer

The Fremont County School District 25 board of trustees has created two new sub-committees, both with the intent of strengthening existing operations in school systems.

Crisis management

The crisis management team sub-committee was established in December, with Sandy Barton and Lorenzo Chouinard as representatives.

Board member Dean Peran-teaux noted during the meeting that the emergency management team isn't new, but now the board will have a system in place for communication with that team.

"One of the things that we're doing is enhancing that plan," Peranteaux said. "One of our board goals is placing the safety of our students first.

"That's part of our mission. That's one of our goals. In doing that, it's important that we have representation on that team from this body."

Crisis management team coordinator Jeremy Hill, who is the district activities director, said about 50 professionals and volunteers within the district serve on the crisis management team, including social workers, transportation personnel, principals, counselors, health-care workers, custodians and school resource officers.

The team works to streamline district communication and responses to emergencies such as fires, extreme weather, student or staff deaths, intruders or other potential crises.

The team also is responsible for coordinating drills. School resource officer Cody Myers said the goal is to have an off-campus evacuation drill at one school each year at least. These drills ensure that staff can efficiently carry out protocols in an emergency and that students are released to the correct guardians if necessary.

District 38

The District 38 communications sub-committee was created at the end of November to enhance communications between FCSD25 and Fremont County School District 38 in Arapaho. Peranteaux and Carl Manning serve as liaisons.

The sub-committee was formed to fulfill needs outlined in an agreement between the two districts about 10 years ago.

"We want to make sure that we're meeting those needs and those stipulations as they're indicated in that settlement agreement," Peranteaux said, adding that District 38 is in a unique position as the only K-8 district in the state.

Many District 38 students go to high school in Riverton, so one of the goals of the sub-committee is to facilitate a smooth transition for those students.

Representatives from both districts met at the annual Wyoming School Boards Association meeting in Casper to discuss plans to create a more comprehensive and communicative relationship.

"(That meeting) gave us a lot of time to communicate with them and just to understand where they're coming from and what their perspective is," Peranteaux said. "They'd like to know that their students are being well taken care of and that they're being given what they need to succeed.

"It's imperative to them that they get a more regular status update on their students."

Manning said that in the first few years following the creation of the original agreement, there was a lot of communication between the two districts, but over time over time that communication piece dissipated.

"(District 38) is our sister district," he said. "This committee will create a natural connection."

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