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Solving the refugee crisis must begin 'over there'

Jan 8, 2016 Rod Kell, Fort Washakie


A refugee is by definition a person that was forced to leave their home country. Which means under normal circumstances,that person would want to stay in their home country.

Obviously Syria is in turmoil, but bringing in 10,000 refugees doesn't solve the problem. It may temporarily solve the problem for those 10,000, but it does nothing for the hundreds of thousands who can't get out or forthose who want to stay and fight to save theircountry.

And it certainly doesn't make sense to empty the country and had it over to ISIS. Solve the problem over there.

The immigration issue really isn't about race, compassion, bigotry, or how the states were populated. And it most certainly has nothing to do with Wyoming being the equality state. It's about numbers and resources.

The legal and illegal immigration taking place in this country is unsustainable. We do not have the resources to handle what's coming. Food, water, infrastructure, schools, you name it. It's all going to be in short supply.

Unless we get control of legal and illegal immigration now. The illegal immigration needs to stop, and the legal immigration needs to be cut back to pre-1975 levels. Opening up the floodgates of immigration does nothing to solve the problem of why people are immigrating to America.

Our current refugee and immigration policies do nothing to address the problems where they so desperately need to be addressed, whichis "over there." Where ever "over there" may be.

I might also add, that an Americanimmigration and refugee policywhich doesn't first take into account the security of American citizens is ignorant at best and downrightcriminal at worst.

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