Skiers killed in avalanche near Jackson went over cliff

Jan 28, 2016 By Mead Gruver, The Associated Press

JACKSON (AP) -- Two skiers who were killed in an avalanche just south of Jackson Hole were carried over a 100-foot cliff before they died.

Investigators said 46-year-old David Hannagan and 36-year-old Catherine Grimes were likely killed by trauma before they were buried by snow at the base of the slide on Sunday.

Hannagan, Grimes and a third skier were in an area outside of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's boundary known as Ralph's Slide. They were caught in a slide that traveled 350 vertical feet, bury ing both Hannagan and Grimes after taking them over the cliff face.

The third skier survived by grabbing onto a tree.

The area has been the site of skier-triggered avalanches in the past. It is known as Ralph's Slide because of a skier who was killed in 2001.

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