First Baptist Church Riverton Ministerial Association

Jan 29, 2016 By the Rev. Rex Whitman

Did you know that the easiest thing to find in the world is an excuse?

You don't have to buy it. It is always free, and it is always available.

The supply never runs out, and you can get it wherever you happen to be at any moment in time.

Some people call it a reason, but a better name, might be "a polite lie."

The nicest thing about an excuse is that it always serves you and never questions your motives. It is extremely helpful and allows you to go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

You can use it multiple times, it rarely wears out, and if it does you can get a fresh excuse with no effort at all.

They are especially handy on Sunday mornings when you are debating with yourself, whether to go to church or stay home.

Keep plenty of them handy and you can avoid worship almost 100 percent of the time.

Oh yes, there is one drawback.

Your soul dries up, and your spirit becomes almost invisible.

God becomes a distant memory. You lose any sense of meaning and purpose in life, and you forget the truth that actually makes life work.

That may seem like a high price to pay, but if you don't need any of that, keep all your excuses handy.

They can be invaluable if you prefer to live your life without any troubling authority like God messing things up for you.

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