County Democratic chairman will seek House District 34 seat if employer permits it

Feb 17, 2016 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Fremont County Democratic Party Chairman Ron Howard plans to challenge Republican incumbent Rita Campbell in Wyoming House District 34 during this year's election - contingent upon approval from his employer.

Howard is a pre-kindergarten teacher with Fremont County School District 38 in Arapahoe.

He said he submitted a formal letter to the FCSD 38 Board of Trustees indicating his desire to run for the HD 34 seat.

School policy states the district would have to approve his candidacy, because if he is elected he would be absent while he attends the legislative session for up to two months during general sessions of the Legislature.

"It's totally ... do-able," Howard said. "But I still don't know how it's going to play out."

The agenda item came before the school board during its meeting in December, but the trustees held no discussion, nor did they make any motion. Howard is waiting for the school board's response before announcing his candidacy formally.

HD 34

Howard said he has elevated his involvement in politics, especially since he was elected last April as chairman of the local Democratic Party.

"I'm pretty involved with what's going on in the state," he said. "I'm aware of how things are, and I do know that there's a conservative effort from the Democratic Party to get more democrats in the race... There's not very many in Fremont County."

House District 34 covers a wide area through Fremont County, from Jeffrey City in the south through Pavillion and on to Dubois in the northwest.

Howard is a resident of Riverton.

Campbell, a Shoshoni rancher, has held the HD 34 seat since 2011.

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