Sale of Honor Farm land a 'historic event' for city

Apr 29, 2016 Ron Warpness, Riverton


l cannot tell you how delighted l was to be able to attend the historic event that took place at CWC lnter-Tribal Education Center on April l2.

This event was the culmination of 13 years of effort by many very dedicated citizens of Riverton.

I am, of course, talking about the selling of 302 acres of Wyoming Honor Farm property to Mr. Steve Wilson, a private investor who has confidence in the future of Riverton.

With this sale the future growth of our community can progress as business needs dictate.

The average citizen has no idea of the hundreds of hours of time and emotional energy that went into bringing this sale to fruition.

Former Mayor John Vincent and his city council worked for eight years trying to do a "land swap" that ultimately would not work, but the seed was planted.

As mayor, I and my council worked for four years and pushed this ball forward with the invaluable help of legislation sponsored by State Sen. Eli Bebout.

This legislation allowed for the sale of state property that was being underutilized and would not have been possible without Eli's professional help.

After another year, Mayor Lars Baker was able to make the @257;nal push and get the job done.

All the hours of planning by city staff led by administrator Steven Weaver, Alan Moore and Kevin Kershisnik of IDEA Inc., as well as many others too numerous to mention, made this possible.

A personal thank-you to all involved. You know who you are and have every right to bask in the warm glow of a job well done.

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