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Directions in a directionless world

Jul 8, 2016 By Rev. Rex Whitman, Riverton Ministerial Association

Men are notoriously stubborn when it comes to getting directions.

We don't believe there is any need for road maps. All we need is just to venture forth into the unknown and sooner or later we will arrive at our destination.

Somewhere after midnight we hear our wives asking us, "Where are we?"

We reply, honestly, "I don't know but I think we are close." This is usually followed by some form of "I told you so," and the brakes are applied as we coast to a stop in the middle of nowhere to tilt the seats back, close the eyes, and wait till sunrise.

The simple fact in all of this is that we need either a good map or a good guide to get us to our unknown destination.

In life, God has provided both. He has given us a faithful map that tells us where we are and where we are going and he has even provided a personal guide for the journey. (Hebrews 1:1-3)

God has given us the written revelation of scripture and the living revelation of his son to guide us, but, like the typical men that we are, we don't want to be told how to get where we are going.

Now, here is the rub: How can we blame God if we get lost? He has given us a perfect road map without error and a perfect guide who knows the way. (John 14:6)

If we are lost, it is our own fault. So here is a little advice. Stop. Recognize you are lost. Turn on the flashlight. (Psalm 119:103) Get out the road map. Look at it.

Talk to the one who has already been where you wish to go.

And, for heaven's sake, get on the right road.

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