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Man charged with murder of infant son; in court Monday

Aug 16, 2016 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

Forensic pathologist James Wilkerson determined a skull fracture caused the baby's demise and said he favored "anger (impulse) homicide" as the manner of death.

Riverton resident Paul Miller has been charged with second-degree murder after he inflicted fatal injuries to his three-month-old son, Hunter.

Hunter Miller was born two months premature, but died Aug. 9 despite a doctor indicating earlier that day that he was in good health.

That evening, Hunter was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness. Police noticed he had bruises all over his body, and an autopsy found broken ribs and a fracture on his skull "consistent with blunt force trauma," according to an affidavit.

Upon questioning, Paul Miller, 25, initially said he didn't know how hard to hold the child.

After the autopsy, he later admitted that while trying to console Hunter, he squeezed him "hard enough that he heard a pop."

He said he later struck Hunter's head forcefully on the changing table.

Forensic pathologist James Wilkerson determined the skull fracture caused Hunter's death and told police he favored "anger (impulse) homicide" as the manner of death.

At his initial appearance, Miller's bond was set at $500,000.

Judge Wesley Roberts said Miller's limited connections in Fremont County makes him a flight risk.

Miller appeared frightened while answering basic questions about from Roberts on Monday.

When Roberts asked if he was employed, Miller broke down in tears and said "I just want an attorney."

Miller's preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 24 at 1:30 p.m.

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