CWC chairman files; race shapes in District 38

Aug 24, 2016 From staff reports

Four incumbents have filed to keep their seats on the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees.

Board chair Colton Crane of Lander filed Aug. 18 for another four years in the Subdistrict 4 position representing Lander, Hudson, Jeffrey City, Atlantic City and outlying areas.

Crane has been on the board since 2008. This year, he will face challenger Walter Olson of Lander, who filed Aug. 17 for the Subdistrict 4 seat.

A four-year seat also is open representing Subdistrict 2, which covers Shoshoni, Lysite, Riverton and surrounding areas. Board vice-chair Nicole Schoening currently holds the spot, and she filed for re-election Tuesday. She was appointed to the post in February 2013 after Judy Pedersen resigned; Schoening was elected to fill the rest of the four-year term in 2014.

Craig Tolman of Riverton filed Aug. 11 for the unexpired, two-year CWC Subdistrict 2 seat. He was appointed to represent Subdistrict 2 last fall after John Mercer resigned.

Finally, incumbent board treasurer Carlton Underwood of Fort Washakie signed up Aug. 10 to serve a four-year term representing CWC Subdistrict 3, which covers the Wind River Indian Reservation. He has been a trustee since December 2012.

Pavillion resident Ernie Over filed Aug. 22 to represent CWC Subdistrict 1, which covers the Dubois, Crowheart, Pavillion and Morton areas. Board secretary Heather Christensen has held the four-year seat since 2012, but she has said she will not run again for the office.

Candidates for the CWC board represent four different subdistricts in the county, but all Fremont County voters can vote for each.

Arapahoe contest

The school board race in Arapahoe became contested Tuesday when Howard G. Brown of Riverton filed for office.

There are three four-year spots available on the Fremont County School District 38 Board of Trustees, and with Brown's filing, four people are in the running.

Brown is the only candidate so far who is not an incumbent school board member. Board clerk Theodore Lionel Bell Sr. of Arapahoe filed Aug. 17 to keep his seat, board chair Charlene Gambler Brown of Riverton filed Aug. 10, and vice-chair John Martin Goggles of St. Stephen's filed Aug. 11 to continue serving.

Other school board races

Carl Manning and Dean Peranteaux of Riverton both filed Aug. 12 to continue serving on the FCSD 25 Board of Trustees in Riverton. They join candidate Lynette Jeffres of Riverton, who filed Aug. 11. All three are incumbents; Jeffres currently serves as treasurer, Peranteaux is vice chair and Manning is board chair. There are four four-year terms open on the FCSD 25 board.

Incumbent Joe Palladino of Lander filed Aug. 19 to keep his spot representing FCSD 1 in Lander. He currently serves as board vice-chair and is the only incumbent who has filed so far for the Lander board. Other candidates who have formalized their intention to run for seats on the board include John B. Brown and Kathy Hitt, both of Lander. They both filed Aug. 18. Three four-year seats are open. The other two spots currently are held by board treasurer Ryan Hedges and board member Brooke Sutton, both of Lander.

Kelly Gardner of Shoshoni filed Aug. 22 for FCSD 24 in Shoshoni. There are three four-year positions open on the FCSD 24 Board of Trustees; no one else has filed.

Clarinda Calling Thunder and Rich Singer, both incumbents from Fort Washakie, filed Aug. 12 to stay on the FCSD 14 Board of Trustees for Wyoming Indian schools. Calling Thunder currently serves as board vice chair. Three four-year positions are open on the FCSD 14 board.

Patti Griffith of Pavillion filed Tuesday to stay on the FCSD 6 Board of Trustees for Wind River schools. She currently serves as that board's treasurer. Griffith joins board clerk Kristen Benson of Kinnear, who filed Aug. 12 to keep her seat. Four four-year spots are available on the FCSD 6 board.

Kim C. Lambert of Fort Washakie filed Aug. 18 for FCSD 21 in Fort Washakie. Three four-year positions are available on that board, and no incumbents have filed.

Brad A. Lindsey of Dubois and Peggy Miller of Crowheart both filed Aug. 12 to stay on the FCSD 2 Board of Trustees in Dubois. Miller currently serves as board chair. There are three four-year positions open in Dubois.

Other new filings

Incumbent Tim Wilson of Lander filed Monday for the two-year unexpired rural supervisor position on the Popo Agie Conservation District. He currently serves as district chair. Gerald M. Caskey of Lander filed Aug. 11 to stay on for a four-year term as urban supervisor of district. There also is a four-year at-large seat available.

The district is supervised by a board of five elected officials, including three rural, one urban and one at-large member.

Incumbent Rod Rivers of Riverton filed Tuesday to stay on as rural supervisor for the Lower Wind River Conservation District. There are two four-year rural spots open in addition to one two-year unexpired urban term.Rivers currently serves as district chair.

The Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District has two four-year rural spots open. No one has filed.

Other districts

Melinda McKee of Shoshoni filed Monday for a seat on the Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District, joining Shirley Johnson of Shoshoni, who filed Aug. 12, and Phyllis Brown of Shoshoni, who filed Aug. 15. Three four-year spots are available.

There are three four-year spots available on the Dubois and Mountain View cemetery districts, too.

Ken Metzler of Riverton filed Aug. 12 for the single four-year spot available with the Fremont County Fire Protection District.

Three four-year terms are open for directors on the Dubois Fire Protection District, with two four-year terms open with the Jeffrey City Fire Protection District. No filings have been recorded.

The filing period for general election candidates seeking office on local school boards and other districts opened Aug. 10 and runs through 5 p.m. Aug. 29.

The candidate filing period for the offices in question is separate from the filing period for other elected offices because the trustees and supervisors are not subject to a primary nominating round.

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