New dentist at tribal clinic

Sep 1, 2016 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

Tooth decay, beware:Wind River Family & Community Health Care - formerly the Indian Health Service Arapaho Clinic - has added a new dentist.

The WRFCHC welcomes the addition of James F. McFarlane, a third-generation dentist.

McFarlane has practiced dentistry in the states of Kansas and Colorado, having graduated from dental school at the University of Washington.

The dental clinic is expecting 6,000 dental visits in the next year.

"We are here absolutely to serve those who need dental services," CEO Rick Brannan said. "That is our mission."

Currently, the clinic is serving a large number of emergency cases, according to dental staff.Oral health problems tend to build up in many patients who haven't had a dental check-up in three to seven years.

"Preventative dental health care, especially for ourchildren, is one of our priorities," Brannan said.

To make an appointment, call 856-8090.

The WRFCHC is a Northern Arapaho 638 clinic devoted to ensuring access to healthcare services for American Indians.

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