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Airport fire truck upgrade requires new construction

Sep 4, 2016 From staff reports

Before Riverton Regional Air-port acquires the new Air Rescue and Fire Fighting truck next year, the airport must make modifications to its existing ARFF building.

To do so, public works director Kyle Butterfield asked the city council to approve a resolution allowing the execution of the Airport Improvement Program grant to pay for the modifications.

Under the Part 139 license with the Federal Aviation Administration, Butterfield said the airport agrees to provide emergency and fire response services for those who use the airfield.

The city council awarded the bid to purchase the ARFF truck in June, which per federal rules needs to be replaced every 15 years.

The new truck and modifications is expected to cost about $1 million.

The AIP grant from the FAA covers 93.75 percent of the costs for the improvements.

Wyoming Aeronautics and the city are responsible for the remaining amount, 3.75 percent and 2.5 percent respectively.

The city's portion for the truck is about $16,000. If the city council awards the bid for the modifications in the first Sept. regular meeting, the city's portion is about $9,400.

Butterfield said the city has budgeted enough money for the required modifications of the ARFF building.

The city received "excellent" bids with the ARFF truck and they hope to get the same with the building modifications, Butterfield said.

The modifications may be completed early summer of 2017, Butterfield said.

Both contracts come with a deadline.

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