1 percent tax money must go to roads, infrastructure

Nov 17, 2016 Ron Warpness, Riverton

Dear Editor:

After reading your article in the Sunday Ranger I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your kind words and support of the 1% optional sales tax.

I also feel moved to comment on your article as we move into the future with this blessing that the citizens of our county have given us.

When the verbiage in the ballot initiative of the 1% was being considered by FCAG (Fremont County Association of Governments) and was later approved and placed on the ballot by the County Commissioners it was intentionally written VERY narrowly so that monies from this tax could not be spent on such things as you suggest.

I delighted in your comment: "So far, those in charge of the tax have resisted the call to expand it."

Being on the FORCC (Fix Our Roads Citizen Committee) I take your comment as a great compliment. When I and Steven Weaver were working to get this tax passed the first time, we personally promised that the City of Riverton would be true to our word as to how that money was spent. There have been many that have sung that sirens song on how to spend this money but I am happy to say that so far we have resisted for the most part.

I agree that funding the airport, buying heavy equipment for road work, and hiring staff to think about creative infrastructure or walking/bicycling paths might all have great merit for our community, and if another 196 tax were on the ballot to meet those ends, I might even vote for it. How about a "water feature in the City Park or needed public restrooms on Main Street?" I am willing to get behind those needs but not if it were to jeopardize our FORCC monies for roads.

It is critical that we all understand this 1% local option tax is for roads and infrastructure and nothing else. Otherwise at the next election we might not be so fortunate.

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