Accept it: Federal government no longer represents 'the people'

Dec 15, 2016 Geri Maria Johnson, Cheyenne


The republic is dead.

No longer does any branch of the federal government represent us, the people. We now live in a capitalist oligarchy. Mourn, accept and get used to it, folks.

DT created, produced, directed and starred in 'Jerk the Nation,' the greatest reality show on Earth, leaving the Ringling Brothers and us all lost in his dust. And our un-reality continues as he turns the executive branch into some kind of sick joke. I give you Dr. Ben Carson, once considered for Secretary of Education, and one Sarah Palin, on tap to head the VA. Now for the sick part.

The wealthy can gain power. The powerful can grow wealthy. T has top power now and appears bent on politically enriching top money. Soon, 21st century America will have its very own Nero.

We here in Wyoming have already watched our Legislature begin to throw the disadvantaged under the bus. Social Security, never an entitlement, is a requirement in which we're forced to participate. Attempting to end it or to gut Obamacare and eliminate Medicare will set what's left of this country on fire. If Congress doesn't check you, Emperor Trump, the people will call it like they see it, and that won't be pretty.

Also, Your Low-ness, be many-times-more careful in your dealings with veterans. For months, water protectors at Standing Rock spoke softly. Then, along came vets, and that "big stick" carried them to victory over the two Texas billionaires and 17 banks that devised that disgrace.

Justice, in Lynch, watched silently from afar. Supreme Court vacancies are a detail ignored by every last emoter who voted for him and an actuality of which GOP leaders are painfully aware. Wait for it. The posse that endorsed Citizens United will no doubt soon be strengthened.

Congress has sunk into a mob of millionaire Republican obstructionists. Meanwhile across the aisle, when they cut down a winner, Democrats fell on their own sword.

Good cannot prevail when it mimics bad, and shortly, many Trump supporters will find themselves oddly identifying with Brexiters. "What the hell have we done?"

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