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The Electoral College still serves its intended purpose

Dec 28, 2016 John A. Boesch Jr., Riverton


We the people of the United States (dictionary definition of STATE - an area forming part of a federal country such as the United States or Australia with its own government and legislature and control over most of its own internal affairs), in order to form a more perfect union...

We are a republic composed of sovereign states. Each state has a voice in choosing the President of the United States.

This voice is composed of electors selected by each state and is equal to the state's representation in Congress, and is called the Electoral College. The president is not elected by popular vote of the country as a whole, but by the vote of a majority of the sovereign states.

The founders, fearing the weaknesses of human nature, designed as many buffers as possible into the Constitution.

As a republic composed of sovereign states they wished to give each state a voice in selecting the president of the republic and still avoid as much as possible the tyranny of the majority.I believe the recent election confirms this wisdom.

In the discussions of 1787 it was also discussed that there could be a need to prevent the election of a criminal, traitor, or similar heinous person.

The founders wanted to empower democratic elements in the American system, but they feared a kind of pure, unrestrained democracy that had brought down great republics of the past.

In 1913 one of these buffers was eliminated with the 16th Amendment changing the election of U.S. Senators from the state legislatures, composed of members elected by the people of the state, to the direct election by the people, thus eliminating the representation of statewide needs.

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