A fine service, and we paid for it

Jan 5, 2017 By Betty Starks Case

I view Help for Health as one of our best local assets

I've always wondered why, as a young child, I chose to suck my index finger doubled down toward my hand, when most kids suck their thumbs.

Recently, I noticed that finger shape resembles a question mark. Conclusion: Was I born with a question mark in my mouth?

So now we know why I'm so full of whys and wherefores that I can scarcely determine which should come first.

Because we're beginning a new year, and I've recently experienced the caring services and support of our local hospice program, it appears a forum like mine could share some very useful information.

So here come the questions:

Did you know the local Help for Health program has a shape, a form all its own?

Because we've experienced some of these services, and because I'm full of questions, I hope to share the information I've gathered with my readers. This caring community organization takes shape like this:

Help for Health is its governing body. Under that are living, active arms that reach out to help us all experience the best health possible. These branches, or arms are:

4 Horses Home Service

Van service to Lander for cancer treatment

In-home Hospice care by Certified Nurse Assistants

Riverton Hospice Home

Did you know: The 4 Horses Home Services branch of the local non-profit Help for Health program is an important part of helping seniors and those with limitations stay active, independent and able to stay in their own homes?

My interpretation of the title for that service is that if you really want to get something done you hitch a four-horse team to your wagon to assure you'll get where you want to go.

These services include such things as grocery and prescription pickup, bathing/showering assistance, meal preparation, and endless other types of errands or personal care needs you might have in order to remain in your own home.

For this service, there is an hourly fee, similar to or only slightly higher than that you might pay for home-cleaning, etc., determined by your location and the time involved.

Did you ever compare this charge to the cost of an assisted-living facility? In case you prefer to remain in your own home and are able to do so with part-time help, might this be your answer? I'm glad I learned about this service. It could help stretch those low-interest savings quite a distance somewhere down the line.

This branch of Help for Health is separate from the In-home Hospice care provided by Certified Nurse Assistants, (CNAs). However, all are bonded, insured, and drug tested before being accepted for this work. So you know you're safe in asking them into your home.

Husband Ned and I have been privileged to live and learn from both the Hospice Home experience and the CNA hospice help in the patient's own home. We deeply value the generous, loving assistance of both choices, first in helping my brother-in-law in Idaho, a few years later with his wife, my sister, here in Riverton, then, quite recently, to experience the tender local Hospice Home care for my brother. Each was a treasured learning and growing event.

In all cases, we felt great comfort and support in knowing that loving help was available at a moment's notice or in answer to my questions at any hour. And you can bet I had plenty of questions.

Yet someone was always there for us. Until you've been there, you can't know how great that need may be.

Who hasn't seen the free-of-charge Help for Health van transporting cancer patients from Shoshoni and Riverton areas to Lander for treatment? Don't you breathe a prayer of thanks for that faithful service each time you see it?

If you've ever dealt with cancer or had a family member who did, your gratitude just follows that vehicle like a flock of butterflies.

The fourth arm of this local human services organization is our loved Hospice Home, in Riverton but available countywide to those who need their tender care.

Did you know all this caring help is born of the only non-profit Hospice organization in Fremont County? That's right. "For profit" means just what it says. Check it out. Online.

But even a non-profit needs funding to function. Our Hospice Home was built by a 1-percent tax. We paid for it ourselves. Its funding is assisted by Medicare certification and accepts most private insurances along with frequent memorial gifts. A daily room and board charge is assessed, but care and medications are provided. No one is denied services due to inability to pay.

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