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Duo given awards for community service by RPD

Jan 15, 2017 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Riverton Police Department often presents awards to citizens in the community who have helped others in an extraordinary way.

During Tuesday's Riverton City Council meeting, RPD chief Mike Broadhead presented a unique "Spirit of Community Service" award to Dana Neil-Flint and Charles Aragon for their work to address the public intoxication and homelessness problem in Riverton.

Broadhead said the award recognizes Neil-Flint and Aragon for a long-standing body of work. Along with Broadhead, they formed the local solutions committee in 2013 which was tasked with addressing public intoxication issues in Riverton.

"It really was these two folks who went out in the community, who met with our homeless population and got to know them as individuals," Broadhead said. "(They) found new ways to address the issues that those people were facing as individuals, and out of that has grown a tremendous amount of work."

Broadhead mentioned the new Eagles Hope facility that was started up by Neil-Flint to give homeless people a place to live. He also commended Aragon for being the chairman of the solutions committee and bringing the statewide homelessness conference to Riverton last year.

"They're out there getting their hands dirty," Broadhead said.

"They've got their sleeves rolled up and truly are providing help to people who are the most in need in our community."

Mayor Lars Baker thanked the duo for their work and said he was impressed with the homelessness conference and other progress both recipients have made in the community.

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