Former city man authors Christian novel

Jan 20, 2017 From staff reports

A former Riverton resident is the author of a Christian fiction novel.

Jack Minter wrote "Saul of Tarsus: The First Terrorist," described as a history-based fictional account of Saul, "and how his sin of pride ultimately drove him against Jesus and his followers."

Minter, who graduated from Riverton High School in the 1970s and is a 1981 graduate of Abilene Christian University in Texas,writes of two boys, Saul and Jesus, who had comparable backgrounds as children in both family life and education. One, however, became the icon of the Christian faith, while the other became "history's most notorious murderer," in the words of accompanying literature on the book.

Basing the novel on the New Testament of the Bible, Minter's role as author was imagining and creating details of what might have happened in the life of Saul. That story is the basis of the novel.

Minter, a commercial real estate broker who now lives in Dallas, also is the author of a non-fiction book titled "Careers: Be Savvy, Be True to Yourself, and Don't be a Moron," published in 2011. "Saul of Tarsus" is his first novel.

The book now is available in an electronic edition for the Kindle e-reading device. The hardback and electronic editions both are available through

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