CWC talks ag at 'dialogue dinner'

Jan 22, 2017 By Andrea Novotny, Staff Writer

Internships and works studies in agriculture were popular ideas discussed at Central Wyoming College's community agriculture dinner dialogue Wednesday.

The CWC Board of Trustees invited members of the local ag community as well as faculty from the college's various ag and equine programs to discuss the ways students in agriculture and the local ag community can be best served.

Attendees were asked to answer questions about the importance of different aspects of ag education, and what new agricultural niches CWC should explore, with possibilities including meat processing and production, field trials for the local climate, small animal production, small ag entrepreneurship, food processing, horticulture, sustainable ag, and backcountry equine outfitting.

Many who attended said they believed there is a need for more opportunities for students to get hands on experience using existing resources in ag-rich Fremont County.

Riverton farmer and local food advocate Steve Doyle said emphasis on agriculture and locally produced food would benefit the students, college and the community. Doyle said he became involved in the local food movement about eight years ago.

"In that time we have met so many young people who are interested in small sustainable farming," he said. "I think CWC stands in a great position to attract these students."

Other subjects discussed at the dialogue were possibilities associated with the CWC Sinks Canyon Field Station, ways in which the Central Wyoming College Equine Center could increase public outreach and inform the community about its possible expansion, and different ways CWC could work with the University of Wyoming to maximize agriculture services in Fremont County.

Data collected in surveys at the dialogue will be assembled at a later date.

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