NAT to reduce employee hours

Feb 5, 2017 From staff reports

The Northern Arapaho Business Council has announced that it will reduce hours for many of its employees, citing funding shortages.

The changes, which will be effective March 5, will only apply to departments funded by tribal dollars: human resources, custodial staff, the finance office, information technology and the enrollment office. Employees of those offices will work only four days a week.

NABC members will also take a 20 percent pay cut.

Programs that are funded by state and federal money -- including the Department of Family Services, Temporary Aid for Needy Families and Child Protective Services, among others -- will not be affected.

The tribe will continue to look for reimbursements from the federal government, and for other funding that can help reduce the financial burden. However, there is no expectation that the reduction in hours will be temporary.

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