Decision not to feed deer in hard winter is bogus if hay is the excuse

Mar 19, 2017 George Johnson, Dubois


In response to the alligator tears shed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department over the poor deer in this hard winter, records show deer being fed hay at least by 1933, and if hay was killing deer, it sure took the WGFD a long time to find this out -- up until the late 1970s, in fact.

This was done as an excuse to stop feeding deer in a hard winter.

That deer are ruminants is very true. So are cattle. Try telling ranchers their cows can't digest hay, and see what response you get.

Locally, as soon as hunting season is over, deer show up in hay fields and graze on the leftover stubble from haying. Has anyone seen piles of starved-to-death deer in these same fields a few months later?

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