Lady Chiefs' Moss Fremont County girls coach of year

Mar 26, 2017 By Randy Tucker Staff Writer

Wyoming Indian's longtime leader has won over 450 games during her career.

Aleta Moss has coached a lot of basketball, more than any coach in any division in boys or girls in Wyoming. After 29 years at the Wyoming Indian helm, the fire still burns and her teams are always among the best in the state.

Moss worked well with former player Jo Bell and longtime assistant Bryan Trosper and the trio always produces a quality squad.

Moss hasn't counted her total won/loss record, but has more than 450 wins to her credit, making her one of the most successful coaches of all time in any sport in the Cowboy State.

Her humor and quiet demeanor come unraveled at times during the heat of competition, but the only time she raises her voice towards officials is to get their attention for a timeout or injury on the floor.

Unlike many coaches who harangue referees incessantly, Moss commands respect as a coach and only questions calls when there is an obvious discrepancy.

Her style of coaching is the uptempo game, with players flying full speed on offense and defense.

The Wyoming Indian half-court trap, rotating full-court press and isolation one-on-one offensive sets are all her own design and match her players' abilities well season after season.

Moss has coached middle school volleyball and high school track with equal vigor.

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