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Trump's executive order on Clean Power Plan a good move for Wyoming, affordable energy

Mar 31, 2017 Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator R-Wyo. Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week calling for reversing many of the regulations outlined in former President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, the moratorium on federal coal leasing and other Obama Administration energy related policies.

President Trump's decision is greatfor Wyoming and all those who rely on affordable energy.

These regulations and actions from the last Administration were bad for American families, and many of themoverstepped the federal government's power to regulate.

They targeted our most reliable energy sources and would raise American energy costs.

The industries they hurt the most employ many Wyoming citizens, and we should be working to help support those jobs, not looking for ways to put those workers out of business.

It is important that we review the steps taken by the Obama Administration that placed excessively burdensome or unnecessary regulations on the energy sector.

The federal coal leasing moratorium enacted by the Obama Administration was never about assuring the best valuation of coal, but was aploy to try and keep coal in the ground.

I have opposed this coal leasing moratorium from the very start, and I am pleased to see the president's actions.

The halt to new federal coal leases was perpetrated as a need to re-examine the coal program, but it was clear that the intent was to try and limit coal production. Well, we in Wyoming know the importance of coal and understand its value.People across Wyoming stood up to fight this bad rule from the Obama Administration, and they did it because they care about their friends, neighbors and communities that rely on the coal industry.

I applaud President Trump for helping toensure that steps are being taken to ensure a brighter future for hard working Wyoming miners and families.

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