Tuesday notes

Apr 4, 2017 By Steven R. Peck


Ah, yes. Just what we need. More precipitation.

We have been in record-setting territory at most Fremont County weather stations since December, and the things that have happened in recent days will not change that position. A torrent of rain last week, followed by a couple of hours of the heaviest snowfall of the year Tuesday morning, remind us that spring is the season of all seasons -- meaning anything can happen.

Much of the talk is about flooding, understandably, but more or less relentlessly wet weather in an agricultural economy that is not used to it can bring all sorts of complications as well.

Oh, well. Given April's early behavior, we ought to be in for one heck of a display of May flowers.

Wind River Country

We encourage readers to keep your eyes open around Fremont County for the latest edition of Wind River Country Magazine. It is a product of our newspaper company, but it stands independently as a publication. You won't see it inserted in the newspaper.

A consistent topic so far in the magazine is the preparation in our area for the August solar eclipse and the visitors it is expected to draw here. Another informative piece makes readers more aware of the series of large fine-art murals displayed on local buildings, particularly in the Riverton area.

One interesting place to find the magazine is in the seat-back pocket on flights aboard Denver Air Connection. It's one of two in-flight magazines for those jetting from Riverton to Denver and Sheridan.

Wind River Country Magazine is aimed primarily at visitors to our part of the world, but we think anyone who lives here would find it interesting and informative. If you aren't flying the green-and-white Denver Air jet, then look for the magazine at free-distribution news stands around Fremont County.


Tuesday brought the expected 11-9 party line vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court. Democrats have been making noise about trying to mount a filibuster in the full Senate late this week.

They can try, but make no mistake: Gorsuch is going to be confirmed. The Trump administration, ricocheting from crisis to controversy to crisis again, needs to find a victory celebration somewhere. Gorsuch taking his seat will be exactly that.

Dow now

Gone, at least for the time being, are the spectacular increases in the stock market that began last fall. March, and now early April, have been stagnant periods, including in the Dow Jones industrial average. That is the stock index on which we have based our 12-month investment experiment called Dow Now.

Stock markets fell drastically last summer after British voters elected to remove their nation from the European Union. Wondering what might happen going forward, we imagined investing $1,000 in a Dow Jones industrial average index fund, which is based completely on the daily rise or fall of the Dow.

It would have been hard to find a better investment from mid-fall to late winter, and the recent lull has not been a big backtrack, but more of a pause. Had you actually invested $1,000 in a DJIA index fund on June 24 and left it untouched since then, as of Tuesday morning it would have grown to $1,155.94.


Last year, North Carolina lost the men's NCAA basketball championship game on a buzzer-beater by Villanova. Playing in the title contest Monday night for the second straight year, the Tarheels rectified the situation -- at least in their eyes -- by beating Gonzaga 71-65.

This game was far from a masterpiece of basketball. Both teams seemed tired, and both played sloppily much of the time. But as competition, it was all anyone could want.

When Gonzaga continued to run everything on offense through all-America guard Nigel Williams-Goss in the final minute even through he had sprained his ankle and clearly was hobbling, the seesaw tide of the game tilted once and for all to North Carolina. Williams-Goss couldn't do what he usually does, and Gonzaga couldn't win if he didn't.

Batter up

After (or, perhaps, during) our rough winter weather stretching back for months, the arrival of the Major League Baseball season is like a warm, sunny welcome to spring, with the boys of summer after that, and the fall classic in the distance. Rarely have the hearty shouts of "play ball!" been more appreciated.

Here's to a good week.

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