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Lander, Dubois Mule deer collared

Apr 30, 2017 From staff reports

Personnel from Wyoming Game and Fish's Lander office have coordinated a new batch of collaring for mule deer and bighorn sheep.

This was the second year for deploying satellite-based radio collars on mule deer in Dubois and Lander as a part of the Wyoming Migration Initiative.

In Lander, an additional 23 collars were placed on deer bringing the total now to 38.

In Dubois, 26 collars were successfully deployed bringing the total there to 41.

The collars are intended to be operational for two years to track the migration routes, stopover areas, and habitats they use and when they move between winter and summer ranges. Doing so will enable the Game and Fish and conservation partners to protect important movement bottlenecks, mitigate any migration impediments such as fences and highways, and ensure these migrations paths are maintained across the landscape.

For all of the same reasons, 10 bighorn sheep were collared this year on the Wind River Reservation for a total now of 22 between Washakie Reservoir and the North Fork canyon near Lander. Finally, 18 female bighorn sheep from the Whiskey Mountain herd were recaptured. This was the fifth time these sheep were captured as part of a body condition monitoring project.

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