City raises building permit fees for first time since '14; some rise by only pennies

May 24, 2017 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

A slight fee increase was established this month on the costs to build structures in Riverton.

Every year the city reviews the rates and fees for building permits and has the opportunity to make any changes.

The last time the city's community development department implemented a fee increase was in 2014.


Per the recommendation of the department and the city's construction board of appeals, the city council approved a 3.7 percent fee increase which was driven by a cumulative three-year Consumer Price Index rate increase.

Community development director Sandy Luers said many of the fees were "changed very little."

Many of the fees are for building permits that are associated with some type of construction or alteration of buildings or properties within the city, she said.

These permits include new commercial and residential buildings, additions and remodels to existing structures, and associated construction and for connection to city utilities.

"This also includes permits for the trades such as electrical, plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning," she said. "Permits are issued and inspections are performed to ensure the construction complies with our adopted codes for personal and public safety and the protection of property."

Costs were also increased to cover the costs of zoning changes, reviews of plats and re-plats for subdivisions and other property changes and variance applications, she added. The department is also in charge of issuing permits for home occupations and child care facilities in residential areas.

Amounts vary

In summary, Luers listed that permits for new commercial construction went from 51 cents per square foot to 53 cents per square foot, and new residential went from 40 cents per square foot to 42 cents per square foot.

Permits for other construction such as storage units, carports or decks changed from 12 cents per square foot to 13 cents per square foot. The $25 minimums required on certain alterations or replacements went up to $26, and $50 minimums went up to $52.

Re-roofing permits went from $49 to $52, and permits for fencing installed in the right-of-way changed from $25 to $26.

"We lowered fees for sidewalk repair or replacement of less than 100 lineal feet with minimums of $35 up to 50 linear feet and $50 from 50 feet to 100 feet," Luers said.

"The minimum for any amount of sidewalk repair or replacement prior to this resolution was $70."

There's a new $100 fee for new child care permits. Luers noted the fee was established because there are "quite a few more steps, letters to send, inspections, and publication" duties involved. Renewal of these permits remained at $65; that total includes a fire inspection required by the state of Wyoming.

These increases will bring an increase in revenue to the city's general fund.

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