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Claiming the maturity to sound off

May 25, 2017 By Betty Starks Case

With the chance to make a positive difference, why do so few people do it?

Let's communicate.

Not just spew big talk, then lies, with no meaning other than to mislead.

American lives, dependent on the political world for their survival and/or well-being in many ways, are not a childish game of fox and goose.

In the end, isn't it really about language used, communication gained or lost?

I agree there's a place for results based on theory, principle, or creativity. But Americans, and maybe the world, need action by political leaders based on pragmatic thinking - practical consideration of results that can affect life itself.

So here I am, half-way between Mothers Day and Fathers Day, claiming the maturity to sound off on the immature behavior of many of our leaders - the top one in particular, who carries a rare opportunity to set a beautiful example of leadership.

He could, after all, become known to history for reminding citizens that there are real ways to communicate in any language, without derogatory, juvenile name-calling.

He showed us it was possible to somehow charm his way into enough votes to elect him. Now why not lead us to the real good that could be accomplished the same way?

He could make such a positive difference and set an example that could change the world and inspire the rest of us to help him in the process.

I've noticed for years that men often seem bent on climbing to the top of their mountain, then, when they get there, succumb to the inherent power and ego that overcomes the better angels they once thought inhabited their souls.


Is this simple ego? Strangely, it looks like just the opposite - a weak sense of self, ever seeking assurance, the path sadly misdirected.

Is it animal need to be seen as the alpha male? To some extent, perhaps.

I see more to this story, but the rest of us can't help our leader unless he's willing to see the truth in himself, the light in his past business experience, and use it in a positive way for the benefit of all.

Maybe he could be urged by someone he trusts to walk the walk, not just talk the talk that can change on a whim.

As for me, I refuse to use this column space and privilege to speak publicly on the side of either political party. Both are part good and part bad and capable of far more human progress than they display or bring into being.

Rather, I'm proud to be a "hick of the hinterland" where people still have room within them to begin a grassroots difference to lift humanity to a higher level.

Here, we often draw attention simply because we are different. In any other state of the union, we are recognized by our Wyoming cowboy auto license plates.

I'm just a little ol' lady with a gift for writing sometimes-inspiring ideas. And, some would say, crackpot notions.

But the many years of experience my mate and I share make it clear that Wyoming people are generally polite, caring, honest, and helpful to others. I find them unencumbered by the latest trend. And with lungs full of clean mountain air, definitely not searching for someone's new f-word or other crudity.

So I ask, would you, shouldn't we, commit to using our Wyoming difference to do all we can to change this country's influence in truly building a better world?

An old "Speed Bump" cartoon shows a patient on the couch, his advisor suggesting, "Give yourself a reason to howl. Even when there's no moon."

We have a reason. With the sun scheduled to go into eclipse in a couple of months, let's howl.

Truly, the universe is watching.

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