Support 28th Amendment

May 28, 2017 Ellen Dudley, Dubois


Open letter to Wyoming Gov. Matthew Mead, the Wyoming Legislature, U.S. Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, and U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis:

I urge you to support "We the People" Amendment 28 (HJR 48), which states:

"The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are rights of natural persons only. Artificial entities established by the laws of any States, the United States, or any foreign state shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People, through Federal, State, or local law, and shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

"Federal, State and local government shall regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures,including a candidates own contributions and expenditures, to ensure that all citizens, regardless of their economic status, have access to the political process and that no person gains, as a result of their money, substantially more access or ability to influence in any way the election of any candidate for public office or ballot measure.

"Federal, State and local government shall require that any permissible contributions and expenditures be publicly disclosed.

"The judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment."

This amendment could restore faith in the democratic process. Polls show that more than 80 percent of Americans, Republican and Democratic alike, are opposed to, and even outraged by, the "Citizens United" decision.

The impetus for the 28th amendment comes from the people and is a bi-partisan effort endorsed here in Wyoming by retired U.S. Sen. Al Simpson.

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