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When someone 'is doing absolutely nothing,' when will the job be done?

Jun 1, 2017 William E. Dunbar, Riverton


Yes, we are experiencing climate change. We have always had climate change, just as we have continental drift, eruptions, glaciers, earthquakes and etcetera. This moldy old Earth slaps on a new dress every once in a while, and then it even adds a bit of makeup.

But that irrevocable action can and does shock everybody. However, mankind's effect in that world wide do-over is nothing more than a very small glitch in the whole process.

Also, the recent elections had nothing to do with Russia or the internet. A majority of all voters had made up their minds months before the election.

And never changed. Incidentally, the pollsters and columnists have always ignored an important stage of almost all elections. That is the effect caused by enough people voting against someone more so than for someone. That was an important element in this past presidential election.

Several VIPs have been canned. I'm afraid that they will be joined by quite a few more before the dust begins to settle. Breaks me up worrying about how any of them will ever be able to pay the rent.

As for Trump, the only serious problem the public has with someone who is doing absolutely nothing is in being unable to tell if they are doing it badly or not. And, of course, if they are ever gonna finish.

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