Don't make possessing a brownie a state felony

Jun 9, 2017 Dana Burns, Sheridan


The majority of the Wyoming Legislature's Judiciary Committee has voted for felony imprisonment of Wyoming citizens for possession of flour and sugar. The fact they are prevailing disturbs me, an aging, female, voting Republican.

Sens. Christensen and Kinskey are more adamant than some House members that cannabis edibles, which cancer patients use, be prosecuted based on food weight plus THC weight, rather than THC level alone.

Essentially, the committee's majority has voted to prosecute citizens for felony possession of one brownie.

This out-of-touch committee has been working on behalf of the law enforcement interests who have been advocating for this bill, rather than the citizens of Wyoming, for the past three years.

How do we pay for their costly votes?

Our representatives, aware of budget shortfalls and a crumbling prison with doors that do not shut, are voting to imprison cannabis users to longer sentences.

While 29 other states are decriminalizing and or legalizing, Wyoming, driven by this committee, is moving in the wrong direction. Will we ship our numerous new inmates, mostly college students and cancer patients, to out-of-state private prisons?

This committee wants to treat cancer victims to felony sentences. Please contact your legislators. Explain the need to test THC levels to these pro felony voters: Rep. Bo Biteman, Rep. Mark Jennings, Rep. Kirkbride, Rep. Olsen, Rep. Pownall, Rep. Salazar, Rep. Winters, Sen. Dave Kinskey, Sen. Christensen, Sen. Hicks, Sen. Nethercott.

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