Citizens need answers on proposed health care plan

Jun 25, 2017 Gary Blackwelder, Lander


To our U.S. Senators Enzi and Barasso, as your constituent, I have several questions about the new health care plan the Senate spent so long hidingfrom the people of the United States:

1.If this plan is as good as you claim, why weren't you showing it to us, sharing it with us?

2.Since only 17 percent of the voters want it, why aren't you listening to the other 83% of the people?

3.Why isn't that 83 percent given the opportunity for input?Isn't it their health care plan?

4.How can you support a health care plan that takes coverage away from 24 million people?

5.Why was this an invisible/secret plan while it was being written? To quote Mike Pence, "It's simply wrong for legislation that'll affect 100 percent of the American people to be negotiated behind closed doors."

6.We are promised this is a better health care plan, but how is it better than the ACA?

7.The Founding Fathers set up the system so there is discussion, and openness, with the citizens.Why are you notstanding up for those of us who sent you to Washington?

8.The people's business is supposed to be open and above board, this is an act of cowardly partisanship. Why isn't this being shared with the other party?

8.Why is so much of this being done behind closed doors?

10.How are the poor, the elderly, and our kids going to continue to get the medicines and care and treatment they have now?

I, my family, and many of my friends, would like the answers to these questions.

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