Tribe shows initial plan for developing land in Riverton

Jul 2, 2017 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Among other intentions, two new streets are proposed, with the names Eastern Shoshone Drive and Sitta Drive.

The Eastern Shoshone Tribe has submitted its preliminary development plans to the City of Riverton for the 304 acres of land it bought east of North Federal Boulevard between Webbwood and Honor Farm roads.

The document sets forth design plans for residential, office, commercial, industrial and event space.

The tribe also makes rezoning requests to the city to accommodate the plans and lists the permitted uses for each space.

Standards are proposed in the document for a variety of development components including landscaping, roads, parking lots, building heights, drainage, signage, fencing, lighting, plats and building plans.

The tribe also establishes its agreement to follow the provisions of Riverton city code and states that an application for project site plans shall be approved by the city's public works director and community development director if it complies with the provision of the document.

The tribe noted that the "primary community design goal" for the "Eastern Shoshone Properties" is to "develop an attractive, well-planned development that promotes an active commercial civic center, regional event facilities and a major employment center with supporting residential opportunities."

The development document will help in organizing "buildings, parking and internal site circulation to create convenient, comfortably-scaled commercial activity areas."

The tribe is proposing a diverse mix of complementary commercial uses such as retail, restaurant, hospitality, and other services. They hope to provide a variety of building sizes while creating a strong identity that represents the entire commercial site.

Plans propose direct, continuous pedestrian routes from the street to building entries and through the parking lots and between activity areas and open spaces of the project site.

Two design layouts attached with the document show tentative plans for how the 304 acres will be divided based on different uses. Two proposed roads also are shown, with the names Eastern Shohone Drive and Sitta Drive.

The city will now review the document with the planning commission and meet with the tribe in July.

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