Letter shed important light on problems with repealing ACA

Jul 6, 2017 John R. Vincent, Riverton


Recently, Dr. Roger Gose wrote a letter that was published in The Ranger. In his letter, Dr. Gose bravely pointed out the deficiencies surrounding the bill repealing the Affordable Care Act.

The new bill was written in secret by a small band of senators, including Wyoming Sens. Barrasso and Enzi, without the benefit of public input. This Senate group failed to take into account the views held by associations representing hospitals, doctors and nurses, nursing homes, and other patient advocates.

We now know the resulting bill would wreak havoc on low- and middle-income people, including many Wyoming citizens who rely on Medicaid to obtain health care.

No amount of political polish can hide the devastating effects this proposed legislation will have on our state's health care system and the Wyoming residents it serves.

Notwithstanding President Trump's promises that he would not allow a dime to be cut from Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, this bill would take over $80 billion from Medicaid. This program pays for half of the births, two-thirds of nursing home costs, and health care for 20 percent of Americans. Many average Americans will pay a huge price so that a few very rich Americans receive huge tax cuts.

We now know trickle-down economics does not work to create jobs or prosperity for average people.

Thank you, Dr. Gose, for shining a light on this issue. We hope our elected officials will choose to help all people and not worry about winning a political battle.

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