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More viral mosquitoes in latest count even as overall numbers shrink

Jul 20, 2017 From staff reports

The number of mosquitoes buzzing around Fremont County has continued to go down this week, but local pest experts say there are more culex tarsalis than there were earlier in the spring.

"This is expected at this time of the summer," Fremont County Weed and Pest assistant supervisor Nancy Pieropan said in an e-mail Wednesday.

Culex is the species of mosquito that transmits West Nile virus.

Pieropan noted that none of the culex pools have tested positive for West Nile.

Earlier this week, a horse in Campbell County tested positive for the virus. The animal is expected to recover fully.


On Tuesday, there were 78 mosquitoes in a trap on Davis Lane in Riverton, down from 150 the week before and 242 earlier in the month. The number of culex had gone up, however, from four July 6 to 41 July 12 and 46 this week.

A similar scenario played out at a new spot selected for trapping in Riverton, along Adams Ditch, where 58 mosquitoes were found July 12, down to 18 Tuesday. Last week there were 12 culex in that spot, up to 13 this week.

More mosquitoes were on North Smith Road, too. There were 140 mosquitoes in a trap there Tuesday, down from 387 last week and 536 July 6.

The culex tally was down, however, from 63 last week to 27 this week - similar to the number of culex (26) identified July 6.

There were fewer mosquitoes just south of Riverton on Left Hand Ditch Road, too, with 62 mosquitoes in a trap Tuesday, down from 238 last week and 1,700 the week before.

There, culex totals have fluctuated, from 33 July 6, down to 18 July 12 and back up to 29 Tuesday.

Both numbers went down this week at the trapping site on Ohio Avenue in Hudson, from 83 mosquitoes and 68 culex July 12 to 24 mosquitoes and 24 culex July 18.

The totals last week had risen since July 6, when there were 46 mosquitoes and 17 culex in the same location.

The same was true on Snavely Lane between Hudson and Lander, where there were 1,300 mosquitoes in a trap this week including 16 culex.

Last week the totals were 2,800 mosquitoes and 33 culex, while on July 6 there were 1,750 mosquitoes and eight culex.


The general trend Pieropan described was more apparent on Carbine Lane in Lander, where there were fewer mosquitoes this week (81 down from 134 July 12 and 168 July 6) but more culex (29 up from 19 July 12 and eight July 6).

A trap near the jail in Lander only had five mosquitoes and three culex Wednesday. Last week there were 23 mosquitoes there, including 12 culex, and on July 7 the trap contained 31 mosquitoes and two culex.

Other spots in Lander had more mosquitoes and more culex. A trap near the sewer ponds had 13 mosquitoes and five culex July 7, up to 21 mosquitoes and 13 culex July 12, and 61 mosquitoes and 48 culex Tuesday.

On Smith Street there were four mosquitoes and one culex July 7, up to 29 mosquitoes and 14 culex July 12, then back down to 9 mosquitoes and six culex Wednesday.

At Jerry Baths there were 73 mosquitoes and 11 culex July 7, up to 182 mosquitoes and 26 culex July 12 and back down to 23 mosquitoes and five culex Wednesday.

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