Tuesday notes

Aug 1, 2017 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

A cool parade

The dominant weather characteristic of the Fremont County Fair through the years can be summed up in one word: hot. No surprise there. The fair takes place at the peak of summer. So, the cloud cover, upper-70s temperature and fragrant hint of a rain shower was welcomed by both participants and the audience atSaturday's Fremont County fair parade in Riverton.

That has not happened often, although long-timers can remember a drearySaturdaymorningwhen the entire parade took place in a steady rain. We're thinking early 1980s. Does that sound right to other "tenured" residents?

Going forward, if the fair board could coordinate with the National Weather Service in programming a cool hour for the parade like this year's had, it would be much appreciated.

Costume and cowboy

Speaking of the cool parade weather, one who appreciated it more than most wasLori Hunter of The Ranger staff. She put on our Daily the Newspaper costume and gave hundreds of hugs and handshakes from West Main to East Main. Daily is a hit with parade watchers every year, particularly the younger ones.

Lori walked alongside the Ranger float, which featured a huge replica of the familiar Ranger cowboy logo. The 8-foot-tall figure was constructed in 2006 by Mark McBeath for Riverton's centennial parade. It has a metal frame under the plywood.

This is only the third time it's ever been used for a parade. Ranger staffers Dan Bendtsen and Claire Peart manned the float, with Claire's two daughters, Addison and Kinley, helping with candy duty. Alejandra Silva was part of the decorating crew as well. Randy Tucker, who already has written a couple of feature stories and shot numerous photos down at the fairgrounds, provided the trailer and drove the truck that pulled it.

The Ranger has been entered in every Fremont County Fair Parade since 1953. We're pleased to put our thanks in print to the Ranger staff members who volunteered.

Entertaining dogs

A week's worth of grandstand entertainment in the big arena at the fairgrounds is well under way. Already this year, the hugely entertaining wiener dog races were conducted in the big arena. Here's a thought on that theme: What about combining both the wiener dog races and the dog agility contest in the arena as one combined event? (The agility test takes place at another location as it stands now.)

Ranger photographers shot both contests, and the universal expression of every spectator was a big smile. Put together, these two events featuring hard-working doggies could be a real hit, arena-style.

Summer and smoke

Wyoming is staying lucky as far as wildfires are concerned the summer. We're now in August, and there still have been only two fires of major significance. Both the June Fire and the Keystone Fire are important, but, honestly, neither could be categorized as a major blaze in the larger scheme of things.

Of course, that's not how the firefighters see it as they work to contain and/or extinguish the flames in the heat and rugged country where they are burning. When you're on a fire line confronted by a stand of trees with nothing but rocks and steep slopes around you, you neither know nor care about the total acreage of the fire. Your task is right there in front of you. As summer jobs go, wild-land firefighter is a doozy.

Ice cream

One more note on the county fair: ThisSaturday, Aug. 5, The Ranger news staff judges the Fremont County Fair Ice Cream Freeze-Off for what we believe is the 26th straight year. It's great fun, with a great end product.

Several teams enter each year, and you can still put a team together and sign up. We have an entry form at our office here at 421 E. Main.

Beyond that, drop by the Cottonwood Pavilion at about5 p.m.Saturdayand sample the winning entries. It's free, fun and (usually) delicious.

See you at the fair, and here's to a good week.

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